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We sell robots and rent them out.

Today, more than 200 Promobot V2 and more than 300 Promobot V4 operate in 26 countries. They are successful in crowded places.

  • in motor shows, banks, exhibitions, museums, hotels

Promobot V2 Promobot V2 Promobot V4 Promobot V4 predicts the outcome of the match

Promobot V4 Promobot V4


Skills Promobot 

  1. Communicate with people on General and specific topics (in the linguistic base of more than 100 000 speech modules in 7 languages)
  2. Answers specialized questions (the question-answer system allows you to build intelligent dialogues)
  3. The robot can meet, remember and greet visitors
  4. They move, avoiding collisions (they go around obstacles, determine the greatest concentration of people)
  5. They are able to reproduce various materials on the screen (during communication, the robot can display photos, videos or links to websites).
  6. Robots compile analytical reports on visitors (robots see visitors and provide information on the number, sex, age and mood of the guests).

Technologies Promobot

Hardware system

  • Motion controller
  • Power management controller
  • Touch detection system

Software system

  • Face recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice synthesis
  • Analytical Reports
  • The control module of the Executive mechanisms
  • Module autonomous movement and navigation
  • Peripheral and External Device Management Module
  • Dialog module, interaction module
  • Deep neural network learning service based on unstructured big data
  • Service synthesis of the phrase-response in natural language


  • Seven degrees of freedom of movement of hands
  • Three degrees of freedom of movement of the torso
  • Two degrees of freedom of movement of the head
  • Adaptive Elevator for vertical movement
  • Impact-resistant housing and its components

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The cost Promobot V2

  • The price of the basic configuration Promobot V2 = 9999 euro / pcs.
  • The cost of renting 1 robot = 49.99 euro / day (999 euro / month)

The cost Promobot V4

  • The price of the basic configuration Promobot V4 = 19999 euro / pcs.
  • The cost of renting 1 robot = 99.99 euro / day (1999 euro / month)

Orders are accepted by mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

WhatsApp +79125910024

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